Friday, April 11, 2014


Here I am, back once again, blogging out my thoughts.  If you're not already, (and why are you not?) following me on Twitter - do it! @snobbyalexa All of the pictures of me and my hot domme friends are there, as well as any updates.

First of all, our "PandeMONEYum" weekend was a real blast! With such classy, elite dommes being hosted by the ever lovely Queen Kitty, there were only great memories created.  Each of us had our favorite boys step up and do something to benefit all of us classy ladies.  In my opinion, that is the mark of a true submissive who believes a woman's pleasure is the world's best gift.  Not only does he serve his Goddess, but extends his submission to the Goddesses she chooses as friends.

My very sweet puppet sent flowers, with a card that read, "Beautiful women should be surrounded by beautiful things." Not only did he send them for me, he sent a centerpiece for our gracious host Queen Kitty, and a separate bouquet for each Goddess who attended. Being a pampered woman is an amazing feeling!
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Miz Lindsay SRB had one of her subs send a GC to make sure we ladies were DUI (DOMMING under the influence...joke) This bottle of Veuve was supposed to be for mimosas, but after 10am is after breakfast, right?

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The owned piggy of Queen Kitty and of the delicious Goddess Jennifer made sure we felt even more amazing by covering our deep tissue in-home massages (THE MASSEUSE WAS HOT), and in-home haircuts and styling.  Did I mention we were pampered?  Other slaves between us paid for our dining and other experiences we enjoyed while in St. Louis.

For the foot fetishists - I am selling the heels I wore all weekend while with 4 other Goddesses.  These shoes hold so much perfect, feminine energy.  $100 GC gets them -
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As always - if you think that a woman's pleasure and smile are priceless, click these links!

Want to interact with me?

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PS- Aren't these heels going to look HOT on my perfect feet? Love wishlist gifts!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Clips

Newest Clip Updates

My clips can only be found at Clips4Sale

Hot Breast Worship
Hot Breast Worship
Did you miss me? I'm back with a hot new clip showcasing my perfect, hot, y.oung breasts. I know I am turning you on by touching my breasts and talking to you in such a sexy voice. I love teasing you with my natural, perky breasts and making you pant and stare at my curvy body. 

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Cutie Pie Feet
Watch me tease you with my sweet, silky, soles! They're so soft, milky and clean! I smile sweetly and stroke my pretty soles to tantalize you. I'm a total sweetheart with even sweeter feet - who can resist a pretty princess with a perfect pedicure?

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Hair Washing Fun!
Come take a peek inside my shower as I lather up my locks with soapy suds. The warm water and lather feels great, and I am having so much fun washing my hair! Take a look and join me in this fun bath!

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Long Red Locks
Do you have a fantasy fetish for long red hair? I slip into an alter ego in this clip, playing with my mermaid-like long locks. I tease you gently with my fantasy hair and play with it in a lively manner. Isn't it cute? Come take a peek - it's just for you! 

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Too Hot For You
Hey cucky boy, I'm pretty hot, right? Definitely too hot for you. This body was built for pleasure and fun, for alpha males only. Your only choice is to worship and enjoy my beauty while your stroke your little hard on. Listen to me explain why a sexy woman like me is too hot for you!

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Pretty Little Keyholder
Pretty Little Keyholder
Look what I have, the key to your freedom. The key to the cage around your cock. I have total control over the one thing that drives you crazy, just the way it should be. I cured your chronic masturbation problem. I became the woman in control - by controlling your cock, I have made you a better man. You owe me a thank you for being your pretty little keyholder.

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Sexy Smoker
Time for us to take a smoke break together. I love smoking, its so seductive. It makes me feel like an old time movie star smoking this cigarette -- glamorous and feminine. I know watching a woman smoke is so erotic, and lucky you gets to smoke - I mean stroke with me! 

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Hubby Horny For Trannies
Hubby Horny For Trannies
Hey hubby, is wifey finally asleep? It's time for you to jerk to shemale porn. Of course, you've let your wife catch you watch you watching straight porn, so she suspects nothing. What a naughty, horny husband you are watching shemale porn! Wanting to suck on a strap on - one day you'll be blowing trannies! 

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Sissy Womenstration

Sissy Womenstration
Sissy, if you want to be a woman, suffer like one!! I have my period and it is the WORST. So if I have to suffer, you have to suffer! Go get your ugly period panties - nothing frilly today! Time to get a pad and a tampon - you're going to humiliate yourself for me today! 

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Dirty Foot Custom
Dirty Foot Custom
In this clip, I show my dirty soles of my sneakers, slowly remove them to show my socks that are obviously moist with sweat. After i slowly remove these, I have my beautiful, sweaty soles in the camera. 

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What's next...

I have been on an extended hiatus from my online blog as you can clearly see.  Many reasons have contributed to this, including financial success in other businesses, working on personal errands and issues, and lack of interest in the "scene".

Honestly, the "scene" does not challenge me anymore.  Log into twitter and there are throngs of women with the same, formulaic strategy. "Send me money, #paypig. Timewasters suck.  You can't afford me.  I'm perfection, check out my brag blog" etc.  I'm so tired of it! I am tired of being judged by the people who don't agree with my business plan, but should I be similar to theirs, I would be a copycat.  I realized one day that I am worth so much more than this stupid, petty, internet "scene".

I am me. I am a beautiful, intelligent, motivated young woman who sees no limits in front of her.  I motivate and give self esteem to others by offering my presence to them. I am not about "wanker-subs".  I am the ideal woman for a man who is enslaved by my beauty and intellect.

I do clips because they're a way for me to play with my sensuality while making a profit - and they seem to be well enjoyed by their audience. ALL of my clips stores have been deleted except Clips4Sale and the only PSO site I use currently is NiteFlirt.

I rarely take real time sessions - the last I had included a luxury dinner, accommodations, and a $5k shopping spree at Neiman Marcus. Having a domme is a true luxury, not a right. Explore your submission until only I matter. I see myself as a queen; magnificent, graceful, and dignified.
Two items - $5,000 USD+
 Fresh Bouquet when I arrived home
Bouquet from the day of spoiling.

There are also lots of new clips at my store - go and check them out!

I still cater to certain clip requests and always appreciate tributes sent from sincere gentlemen, but that is a bit obvious since you've found my page.  Email is -

I will be blogging about a GREAT vacation coming up in a few weeks including:
Queen Kitty
Goddess Jennifer
Haughty FemDom
Bratty Jamie
Miz Lindsay SRB
Sissy Subs
And More!!
More details tomorrow.

Goodnight, servants.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


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Holy crap! This is the buy of the century or stinky foot fetish fans! I live in the southern US and have worn these slippers for 2 years, without socks, and they smell sooooo bad.  So of course, being as generous as I am, I decided to allow one of you foot fucks to enjoy, sniff and smell them.  These are not slippers that barely have a fragrance...they STINK! I'm going to continue to deepen the fragrance daily until they are bought. $200 Amazon or Gift Rocket to makes them yours today.  For each month of wear, the price will increase $100. Get them before someone else does -- you won't be disappointed!

Friday, November 29, 2013


I'm back, bitches!

I had a horrible sinus infection that had me out for two whole weeks at the beginning of this month, and with Thanksgiving and catching up on life, I haven't been able to blog.  So much has been going on! Soon I am going to add a whole page to my blog about cuckolding, as you all know that this is my main, favorite, and most popular fetish.  I also have some boys to add into the hall of shame, and boy, aren't you guys willing to do some humiliating things just for attention.  The pictures are just trophies for how much power I have over my pack of beta bitches.
I've been gaining new slaves, subs, and customers at the speed of light.  It seems like the holiday season is really bringing the giving out of you bitches.  Of course, I never NEED what you're giving me, are you serious? But, I love to take it, because seeing your devotion and suffering is a turn on for me.  I love making men obey.  I love making you realize resistance is harmful to your submission.  I love molding you and manipulating you into exactly what I want. Why? Because it is who I am, I find it fun, thrilling, exhilarating.
Here's a pic before I went out with a real man.  Those pretty lips curved into a smile were curved around something much bigger and better than what you have later in the night! I'm still looking for a cuckold bitch who wants to slurp up cum out of me and my man's condoms for me on cam -- but it's not going to be cheap! Stupid wanking cucks should apply at the top of the page.

I don't always put up gift pictures, but when I do remember to take them, I love to share them.  Here's a few of my recent tributes and gifts.  
 Victoria's Secret Bikini from a Cucktard.  I know it looks weird in the pic, but it looks sexy on me. Obvi.

New Betsey Johnson Heels

 Juicy Couture Sunglasses and BabyDoll Lingerie

A few GCs 

 Wallet draining through Giftrocket

 $500 cash from a real time sub
Lingerie from another cucky boy.

What lucky slaves they all are for me allowing them to worship me.  Now on with the clip updates!

They are all available HERE

It really is a Clit!
When I would humiliate you losers before, I would think that calling your dicklet a clit was hyperbole. But holy shit, I see now that it is the TRUTH! 100% real women have bigger dicks than you! Look at these hard clits poking out of their hoods, they really put your tiny dick to shame! These biological WOMEN are packing more in their pants than you. WOW! How hilarious that your DICK is smaller than a woman's clit! That's the nail in the coffin of your manhood.

Spoil My Feet
You're a weak little bitch. I DARE you to tell me you've seen better feet than mine, ever. You can't, can you? All I have to do is wiggle my toes in your face to make your dick hard and brain soft. You know this is your addiction. This is your identity and it would be a damned shame for you to not indulge it fully. I am your boss. I am your God. You don't deserve even the bottom of my shoes. You're below me, you weak foot freak. Your whole life is going to be spent conditioning yourself to cum to my feet, and my feet only. Masturbation is a selfish act, so to apologize you will be spoiling my feet. You will only find reasons to spoil me, and not excuses. 

Catch My Cum
How are you ever going to be a good cuckold if you can't suck a good cock? I need to make sure you can be the perfect cum tunnel for me. I want to fuck your pathetic white boy cum tunnel throat until I cum deep in your mouth, and you lap up every drop like a hungry little faggot. I want you to fuck your mouth deep with a dildo while you stroke to this video like the weak little mutt you are. Soon you'll be happily gulping down alpha male loads. 

Cheerleader Cuckold
Hi, waterboy. I know I haven't been the nicest to you, but I REALLY need a favor. I'm about to 'lose my virginity' to my boyfriend and I need you to tell me if he is big. I know all guys peek at other guys packages in the locker room... I mean, I think his dick is big, but do you know for sure? All the guys say that you look at them, even though you change in the corner because you're so shy about your small size. If you just TELL ME, I'll let you take me out on ONE date. Okay, so you admit looking? I knew it. My boyfriend told me you were a small cock loser who loves to perv on the jock's big dicks. But since you told me, you can take me out. You can take me out a lot! But the only thing boyfriend will be there as well. If you don't start paying for our fun, we will tell everyone what a peeping faggot tom you are and circulate that picture of your tiny cock -- not that you ever had a chance at a GF before, but a gay who has a 2 incher? Social suicide. See you Saturday at 8 so you can pay for our Homecoming date, loser.

Fuck your boy pussy
You know how I like to use horny perverts like you? I like to have you fucked in the ass deep with a huge dildo. Seeing your boy pussy stretch out and get looser and looser makes me smile. I love turning you into a slutty bimbo. I know you love being forced to take a huge dildo by a hot girl deep in your man pussy is your biggest fantasy. Seeing what a slut you are with your legs in the air and a fat dildo fucking your ass pleases me so much. I give you a cum countdown so your asshole can throb on the dildo that is stretching you into a loose assed whore.

Spit Soles Custom
This spit-junkie wanted to see my soles glazed with drool and spit. I tease him and exploit his fetish while I spit-shine my perfect soles. I taunt you to lick it off, to worship my slimy, saliva covered soles. Seeing the wet drool and spit sliding down my arches is too much to handle, and you blow your load to my spit-soaked soles.

I'll be adding the new losers to my hall of shame this weekend, if you want to laugh at dipshits humiliating themselves. Well, loser, it's time to you to get down to clicking and paying! Don't forget to call me on NiteFlirt!

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Oh! And before I forgot: 2 more reasons I am better than you:
 Still walking around in shorts while you freeze to death, and...
Big dick.